Martin is a 22 year old hospitality student and junior chef. He explains how a conversation with a teacher changed his belief that drinking had to be a central part of hospitality culture. This conversation made him realise that it was social connection that he valued most and inspired him to try different activities with his classmates and work colleagues.

As Martin says: “There’s a million and one ways to have fun without alcohol.”


Jamie is a 29 year old manager at a cocktail bar and restaurant with many years of hospitality experience. 

He talks about how peers can influence drinking, and how senior staff and managers can look out for their staff and help change the culture at work when they lead by example. 


Emmanuel is a 31 year old cicerone and bartender at a brewery.

He recognises that male co-workers can influence each other’s drinking in ways that aren’t always desirable.

He points out that workplaces can create change by providing alternatives to alcohol such as food and non-alcoholic drink alternatives.


Thiago is a 33 year old head chef at a pub, with experience working in fine dining restaurants.

He describes the challenges of working in hospitality, such as long hours and stressful work environments, and the impact that alcohol can have on performance and the ability to work in the kitchen as a team.

He emphasises that senior staff are key to helping cultivate a positive and enjoyable workplace.


Paul is a 37 year old marketing chef, with 20 year’s experience in cafes and Michelin star restaurants.

Since moving from food service to a corporate role, Paul recognised that drinking among other sectors isn’t as common.

He talks about the various risks associated with drinking in a kitchen environment and encourages his staff to participate in other activities that don’t centre on drinking.